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Viewing access still available for:

 "'Twas the Week Before Christmas: A Virtual Holiday Special"

"What I Did for Love: A Virtual Valentine's Special"

"Comedy Tonight"

"Academy Unmasked: The Virtual Finale"

*$10 per viewer*

Take a look at our past concerts!

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Thank you SO MUCH to our Academy friends who have donated for our Facebook Live series! We’ve raised just over $2,000 to date!

John McCracken
Tom Leonard
Jason Ramsey
Kathleen Jordan
Jason Andracki
Bruce & BJ Angstadt
John Hodges
Meg Smith
Michele Johnston
Jane Pickens
Mary Lee Ross
Kayla Whalen
Patty Laverriere
Bill Altmire
Krysta Fielding Simons

Lynne Schnauber
Jane Loughlin
Claudia Peters
Autumn Vogel
Dave Baer
Zach Hummer
Kitty Wentz
Makenna Robinson
Keith Wentz
Ed Burns

Kori Kay
Jackie-Schmitt Marsteller
Alan Anderson
Mike Mellen
Don Holland
Terri Gilmore
Joan Taddie
Michael Silverman
Kevin Sockwell
Mary Coleman Jennell
Christy A. Tubbs

Janet Bergman Barrett
Mary Swink
Mike & Mary Marley
Jennifer Boyle

Nancy Burns

KT Heenan

Richard Norman

Autumn Lundin

We are so incredibly grateful for your support!

And it is not over! We will continue to bring you live entertainment virtually until we are able to open our doors!

As a non-profit, suspending our season has had a major impact on our finances. We are graciously accepting donations that will be used to continue providing professional level entertainment to our dear community. If you are able, please consider donating as we regroup and plan for life post-COVID-19.

Interested in making a donation? Donate on our Facebook page, or right here on our website!

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