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Directed by Sue Wentz

Peter Pan: Julie Cepec

Wendy Darling: Maesa Burns

John Darling: Linus Smith

Michael Darling: Trevor Graybill

Tiger Lilly: Jen Boyle

Captain Hook/Mr. Darling: Alan Anderson

Mrs. Darling: Racheal Graybill

Smee: Dan Winston

Liza: Denise Robison

Nana: Vidal Mangal

Crocodile: Brenna Thummler

Jane: LaWrynn Edwards

Grown-Up Wendy: Gabrielle Bradshaw


Melina Liszka

Lola Rak

Tug Roae

Daniel Wilson

Matt Smith

Humberto Dorta


Lost Boys:

Nathaniel Graybill

Arianna Palmiero  

Eden Dorta

Emiley Schnauber

Elaina Graybill


Joey McMillen

Tug Roae

(Dancer Indians)

Gabrielle Bradshaw

Vidal Mangal

Denise Robison

Madison Shoop

Brenna Thummler

Daniel Wilson

Ella Worley


Because we had SO many incredibly talented children audition, and not enough roles to cast them in, we would like to invite the following to join our PETER PAN CHILDREN'S ENSEMBLE:

Annalese Bresee

Lorelei Sheets

Stella Erde

Laila Williams

Alyssa Whalen

William Graybill

Morgan Sleet

Audrey Oakes

Morgan Mangine

Maci Peterman

Lillian Stoll

 This group will perform at intermission of our Sunday matinee performances. Along with being in the ensemble, children will receive a free cast shirt and a complimentary ticket to the show. 

Student's participating do NOT need to attend the first cast rehearsal. A rehearsal schedule will be shared at a later time.